Need To Know NoCoder
Leon Young (Cogniss)

Free live webinar - Jan. 25, 2022 @ 11aM PST

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    NoCode provides a way for founders to build web & mobile apps without using code, and has created a new community of technical & non-technical founders. In this monthly series, we'll dive deep with those founders on their product, journey, and where they see the future of NoCode going to.

    Join our NoCode analyst Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan and co-host Stephanie Zielinski as we interview Leon Young - CEO and R&D Lead at Cogniss! Cogniss is used for developing more effective health, education and behaviour change apps, using applied neuropsychology to achieve better results. Cogniss is a no-code development platform that dramatically lowers development costs and simplifies the design and development process.

    You'll learn about:

    • The Founder's Journey to Building with NoCode
    • Challenges & Hurdles they overcame to get where they are
    • What tools they used when building

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