Understanding Solana

Free live webinar - Nov. 17, 2021 @ 11a PST

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    Solana is a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale today. It is open-source and decentralized, with consensus achieved using proof of stake and proof of history. Its internal cryptocurrency is SOL. Bloomberg considers Solana to be "a potential long-term rival for Ethereum."

    Solana has become the darling blockchain for Silicon Valley investors. But why? Let's dive in!

    You'll hear from:

    • Austin Federa - Head of Product, Marketing, and Comms at Solana Labs
    • Sam Lessin - GP at Slow Ventures
    • Michael Tant - Co-Founder & GP at Citizen X Crypto

    You'll learn about:

    • Solana 101
    • Why Solana is an Ethereum killer?
    • How scalable is SOL?
    • Solana Projects and NFTs

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